In order to see birds, it is necessary to become part of the silence."

~Robert Lynd

Whether you are a birdwatcher or a bird nut like me, come have a Southern Arizona Adventure!  

Each adventure is designed as a unique and personalized birding experience, with a schedule and pace tailored to your needs,   No fifteen passenger van to crawl in and out of,  plus lots of little extras a big tour company cannot offer, at about the same cost.  

A bit of musing here, not meant to ruffle feathers, but perhaps a time to reflect.  As we enter into migration, we birders can get in a bit of a hurry. . . this is when we use the tapes, toot a lot and pish to get the little ones to show their beauty.  As a note of inquiry. . . I wonder if by using these methods when they are looking for a place to settle down and breed, if we are moving them off prime real-estate because they believe another virile male has already settled in.  Let's face it those tapes sound pretty good even to those of the breeding species.

   We cater to people unable or unwilling to do the rigorous schedule of a tour group.  Lunch can be provided upon request.

We now accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

 stay safe and stay healthy!!  Hugs to all, Melody

May 2022

    May the Great Birding God smile down upon you!!   

The little birds around here are already thinking about breeding.  Dinner, a show and romance.  Lots of song and dance already starting.  Great birding adventures daily!!!!  Red-faced Warblers and Elegant Trogons.  and  the Buff-collared Nightjar 

So Many Birds, So Little Time!

 Getting ready for the new year and new birds.  This is the month to find all of the thrashers and get some pretty good looks.  

Stay safe and healthy and most of all, stay birding.  Hugs to all, Melody

I would like to address this issue of border safety.  We are always cautious, but I am far more concerned about going to the mall after dark than I am along the border.   There have been no changes to our operation and none foreseen.  So come on!!!  Let's go birding!!!

Give me a call at 520-245-4085 or e-mail Melody for more info. 
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According to USDA discrimination policies, Melody's Birding Adventures is an equal opportunity provider of services.