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I have been leading professional birding and nature tours throughout Arizona since 1991. A long time Tucson resident; I am simply an avid birder who just loves to bird-no excuse needed  Leading hundreds of tours in Arizona over the years and presently guiding over 200 days per year is an amazing privilege and pleasure.  

Birding by ear is my strength with a degree in Music Education which has served me well in the field.  This is one of the reasons, I do not pish, toot or use audio recordings on a regular basis.  The other is I have found I have better luck seeing the bird without the extraneous posturing and the invasion of noise in a quiet environment.

As an amateur naturalist, I know a little about most of our flora and fauna. . . just enough to be dangerous.  

As an active participant in the birding community, my time is donated a couple times of year guiding for the Tucson Audubon Society, as well as other non-profit groups. 

As an extra class ham radio operator, this is to insure we have communication when in the field. 

Southeast Arizona is my backyard. It is where I sleep, eat and live with the birds, a truly LOCAL guide who knows how and where to look for the birds.   Sharing with you my love of birds is my passion.  

Whether you need one day in the field to locate your nemesis bird or wish to spend several days to enjoy a more comprehensive tour, are obsessive or casual , Melody’s Birding will customize your tour to meet your needs.

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