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The definition of Adventure Travel might be . . . an active exploration of a remote area with a small group guided by an experienced naturalist. You will probably be sweaty and dirty: tired most of the time. The food will probably be a notch below gourmet. But you will experience the area in an intimate way most people can not even imagine.

When traveling with Outdoor Adventures, physical fitness is not a must. Couch Potatoes can do most trips: but be sure to indicate your fitness level when signing up for a tour.

Be sure your shoes are thoroughly broken in. Hiking boots are recommended for our terrain, but most of the time a good pair of walking shoes will suffice.

Dress comfortably, in layers. Carry one more item of clothing than you expect to need. Neutral colors are best if you want to see wildlife. Stay away from white and black. Cotton is not recommended.

A hat, sunscreen, eye drops and lip balm are recommended.   Our air is usually around 10% humidity. If you chew gum, now is the time.  A water bottle is appreciated.  We try to be a green company and are trying to eliminate the plastic water bottles.  We always carry plenty of cold water to refill your bottle.

To avoid jet-lag, be sure to drink lots of water and eat complex carbohydrates, no sugar and no alcohol.

Be sure to apprise your guide of any physical limitations you have and any medications you are using. Always hike at your own pace. When hiking uphill, shorten your steps. Heels down, roll forward to the toe. Downhill, keep your knees bent slightly and walk softly.

Please do not use heavily perfumed lotions and potions. Animals have extremely good noses.

Anyone can enjoy an adventure. Just be sure to bring along a spirit of adventure, a sense of humor and a flexible attitude.

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