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Here is a list of the Bats found in Arizona.  I have chosen to split these out from the mammal list.

 Peter's Ghost-faced Bat

California Leaf-nosed Bat

Mexican Long-tongued Bat

North American Long-nosed Bat

Mexican Free-tailed Bat

Pocketed Free-tailed Bat

Big Free-tailed Bat

Greater Bonneted Bat

Underwood's Bonneted Bat

Western Red Bat

Southern Yellow Bat

Hoary Bat

Silver-haired Bat

Spotted Bat

Townsend's Big-eared Bat

Allen's Big-eared Bat

Pallid Bat

Southwestern Myotis

Fringed Myotis

Long-eared Myotis

California Myotis

Western Small-footed Myotis

Long-egged Myotis

Cave Myotis

Little Brown Myotis

Yuma Myotis

Western Pipistrelle

Big Brown Bat

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